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Leigh Gray is the founder and President of the Thoroughbred Rehab Center, a non-profit corporation dedicated to rescuing, healing and placing the injured and unwanted racehorse. Leigh is a registered veterinary technician as well as the ranch manager for Winner's Circle Ranch.

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When The Race Is Over

by Leigh Gray

A racehorse's career must end at some point and for a variety of reasons. Some careers are cut short by injury. Other equine athletes don't live up to the expectations placed upon them by their owners or trainers. Whatever the reason, a racehorse faces a grim future if they have no place to go. As everyone who has ever watched the Kentucky Derby or any race realizes, Thoroughbreds are known for being dignified, noble and majestic. To have their lives end needlessly when other solutions are
possible is unthinkable.

There are people and options available to ensure that these magnificent animals retire with the same compassion and care that they received while they were top performing athletes. There is a need and a responsibility to help place these unwanted racehorses in new homes. However, it is a great challenge to find homes for horses with injuries.

With the help of Dr. Shields, Dr. Agnic-Wangerin, the staff at Winner’s Circle Ranch and the other dedicated veterinarians at the track, we are now able to surgically and medically repair and rehabilitate many injured racehorses. The future placement of these rescued athletes in to loving homes or placements to trainers competing in other equine sporting events is now becoming a more common occurrence.

While Dr. Shields donates the facilities at Winner’s Circle Ranch and performs advanced veterinary therapeutics (such as Platelet Rich Plasma therapy) on the injured equine athletes, there are many others that contribute to saving these wonderful animals. The Southern California Equine Foundation contributes the use of their surgical equipment and facilities when necessary, in conjunction with the surgeons and anesthetists, who donate their time and expertise to help these magnificent animals. Additionally numerous veterinarians on the racetrack provide additional guidance, donating their time and medication to assist me in helping these injured athletes.

With the continued support of these veterinarians donating their time, expertise and medications, I will be able to heal and place many more injured equine athletes. I look forward to watching these rescues go on to useful lives as show horses, trail horses and valued family members.


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