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Winner's Circle Ranch would not be what it is today if it weren't for our professional and dedicated staff. We are able to offer the best care and the most advanced veterinary therapeutics because of the people employed at our ranch. We work as a team to provide the individualized care that your horse deserves.

Dr. Don Shields and Dr. Heidi Agnic-Wangerin provide most of the care to the horses stabled at Winner's Circle Ranch. Both Dr. Shields and Dr. Agnic-Wangerin are Clinical Assistant Professors of Veterinary Medicine at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. However, all local veterinarians are welcome at the ranch and you should feel free to request any veterinarian you wish for the care and treatment of your horse.


Don Shields, DVM
Don & Janet Shields are the founders of Winner's Circle Ranch. While Janet handles much of the business side of the ranch, Dr. Shields brings over twenty years of racetrack veterinary experience to the care and treatment of the horses at Winner's Circle Ranch.

Dr. Shields graduated from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1987 and has practiced at the local racetracks since then. Dr. Shields has specialty training in diagnostic ultrasound being the first veterinarian in the country to complete the Don Low Fellowship in large animal ultrasound at UC Davis. During the 2003-2004 school year, Dr. Shields spent one month at UC Davis advancing his knowledge in the proper use of diagnostic ultrasound. Dr. Shields has performed numerous ultrasound-guided stem cell and Platelet Rich Plasma treatments to the injured tendons and ligaments of athletic horses. Dr. Shields is also the CEO of Statison Medical and inventor of the Statison V low-intensity pulsed ultrasound therapy device.

Don Shields, DVM
Leigh Gray, RVT is our ranch manager – Leigh is responsible for the overall operations and client communications of the entire ranch. Leigh is a registered veterinary technician with over a decade of experience in x-ray and surgery procedures. Leigh is also the founder and President of the Thoroughbred Rehab Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and placement of retired, injured and unwanted racehorses. Her husband Pete Gray is a PGA pro and is our ranch mechanic and handyman. Pete was an integral part in the design and construction of our new treatment center.
Leigh Gray
Liz Anderson is our office manager – Liz is responsible for the financial aspect of ranch operations. Liz also participates in all aspects of horse care and client communications. Liz has vast equine experience, having a B.S. in equine science, she has been an assistant trainer at the racetrack for four years and she was the assistant to the director of operations for the Breeder’s Cup events for nine years. Liz is applying to vet school this year and we wish her luck.
Liz Anderson
Claudio Rojas is our ranch foreman and his son Claudio Rojas, Jr. is our assistant foreman. Both Claudio and his son are extremely experienced horseman that bring decades of racetrack experience to their work here at Winner's Circle Ranch. Our experienced grooms provide hands-on care to every horse at the ranch on a daily basis. Under the guidance of Claudio and his son, 'Junior' , the grooms deliver racetrack-like care at our lay-up facility.
Claudio Rojas

Dr. Heidi Agnic-Wangerin, one of Dr. Shields' associates, graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007. After graduating from veterinary school, Dr. Agnic-Wangerin spent six months at a local referral surgical hospital before joining Winner's Circle Ranch and Dr. Shields' racetrack practice. Dr. Agnic-Wangerin's interests currently lie in the area of lameness detection, digital radiography, digital ultrasonography and advanced therapeutics. Dr. Agnic-Wangerin has also performed numerous ultrasound-guided procedures on the patients at the ranch. Along with the general veterinary care provided to the ranch horses, Dr. Agnic-Wangerin lives on the ranch and is available for emergency care within minutes.
Dr. Heidi Agnic-Wangerin

Dr. Cathy Canfield is an experienced racetrack practitioner with over 10 years of experience with racing, performance and pleasure horses. Dr. Canfield works closely with Dr. Shields' racetrack practice as well as at Winner's Circle Ranch. Dr. Canfield provides many aspects of the general veterinary care at the ranch and is the primary doctor responsible for the dental care of the horses at the ranch. Dr. Canfield also conducts anesthesia for many of the surgical procedures at the local racetracks. Dr. Canfield's interests lie in the areas of anesthesia, dentistry, lameness, medicine, digital radiography and digital ultrasonography.

Dr. Cathy Canfield

Affiliate Practitioners

While there are many pleasure, show and racetrack practitioners that perform procedures at Winner's Circle Ranch, there are a few practices that work closely with our facility. Please visit their sites to learn more about them and the services they offer:

Dr. Sylvia Ouellette is another local veterinarian that treats a number of the horses at our ranch. Dr. Ouellette has over ten years of experience with racing, show and pleasure horses. Dr. Ouellette is a Diplomat of the ABVP (Equine Specialty) and her current practice concentrates on pleasure and non-racing performance horses. You can learn more about Dr. Ouellette's practice at:

Sylvia Ouellette, DVM: http://www.Eliteequinevets.com

Dr. Bob Bettey travels from Orange County to perform his advanced therapeutics (PRP, stem cell injection, etc.) in the Winner's Circle Ranch treatment center. Dr. Bettey's practice is focused on the performance horse. He has been in practice for over twenty years and Dr. Bettey has also completed the Don Low Fellowship in large animal ultrasound at UC Davis. You can learn more about Dr. Bettey's practice at:

Bob Bettey, DVM: http://equinemedicalassociates.net



Robert Banever OMD., L.Ac has been in full time practice treating horses with acupuncture for over 33 years. He is a graduate of the International College of Oriental Medicine, Sussex, England and The California Acupuncture College. He taught acupuncture for 6 years at The New England School of Acupuncture. Horses treated with acupuncture performed by Dr. Banever have won several stakes races including the Kentucky Derby and many Breeders Cup races, among others. When practiced with care and expertise, acupuncture can be considered to be an effective physical therapy for a wide variety of problems, providing a rapid and safe anti-inflammatory and analgesic response.
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Robert Banever
OMD., L.Ac



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