Ranch Services

At Winner's Circle Ranch, we provide your horse with racetrack-quality care on a daily basis. All horses on our facility are cared for by skilled and experienced grooms.

Our daily rate includes all of the following:


  • Barn & Stalls
  • Pens
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Daily Care

  • Grooming
  • Cold Hosing (as needed)
  • Bandaging – normal stall wraps
  • Blanketing –as needed during the winter months

Hand Walking or Eurociser Conditioning

  • Hand Walking
  • Eurociser conditioning (free-walker)

Feeding Program, Shavings, Grain & Osteoform

  • Feeding Program (fed three times daily) and grain supplementation
  • Shavings as bedding material in both stalls and pens
  • Osteoform supplementation – to maintain bone strength during rehabilitation

Optional Services

Additional charges apply for optional services.


Treatment Center

In June of 2009, Winner's Circle Ranch opened a state-of-the-art treatment center. The treatment center is climate controlled to maintain a comfortable temperature during all veterinary procedures. Learn More>>


Shipping & Game Ready Treatments

Shipping - Winner's Circle Ranch has its own two-horse trailer and is able to provide shipping services to the local racetracks, hospitals and other ranches.

Game Ready Treatments - The Game Ready device delivers cold therapy as well as therapeutic compression to the treated area. The device can be utilized immediately after surgery because the cold, compressive therapy is dry.

External Link: www.gamereadyequine.com



During a lay-up, shoeing may be slightly reduced in frequency, but should still occurr every 4-6 weeks as needed. In general, the front feet of the horse are shod while the hind feet are only trimmed. Owners and trainers should always feel free to request their own farriers or specific shoeing styles at any time.
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Statison V Therapy

The Statison V is a novel therapeutic medical devices designed to accelerate and improve the healing of injured animals.
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When practiced with care and expertise, acupuncture can be considered to be an effective physical therapy for a wide variety of problems, providing a rapid and safe anti-inflammatory and analgesic response.
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Vibe Plate

Article: Good Vibrations
by Mary Knight
Whole Body Vibration is a rapidly expanding form of biomechanical stimulation that is ideally suited to reduce the effects of confinement on racehorses. It could have significant benefits to horses stabled at the racetrack, as well as horses confined to stalls at rehabilitation centers.
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Winner's Circle Ranch is also equipped with the latest in veterinary equipment and staffed by professionals capable of providing advanced veterinary diagnostics and therapeutics. The veterinary services offered range from video endoscopy / gastroscopy to digital radiography, ultrasonography and PRP or stem cell therapies.  

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