Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is intended to stimulate healing and regenerate injured tissues by utilizing stem cells derived from the horse's own body (adult stem cells). Currently, stem cells may be harvested from bone marrow (sternum or hip) or from fat (adipose tissue).

These adult stem cells have the ability to divide and differentiate into bone, tendon, or ligament cells. The environment into which the cells are injected determines which type of cell they will become. This environmental effect is brought about by cellular communications and interactions which are modulated by growth factors. Dr. Shields has performed numerous Vet-Stem procedures which simply entail the collection of a small amount of fat from the injured horse. The fat is sent to Vet-Stem for processing and can either be immediately injected or cultured to provide greater numbers of stem cells prior to injection. Please visit the Vet-Stem website for more information about their services.

Bone marrow harvesting is now commonly performed at a location in the hip, although some veterinarians still obtain bone marrow from the sternum. As with the fat-derived stem cells, the bone marrow is sent to one of a number of facilities for further processing and expansion in culture. Please refer to the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Colorado State or Vet-Cell.

Upon arrival for injection, the cultured adult stem cells generally number between 8-13 million. The cells are then injected into the lesion. As with PRP therapy, it is highly recommended that this procedure be conducted under ultrasound guidance.


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