Routine dental care is of the utmost importance to the general health and well-being of your horse. Without proper care, the horse’s teeth will grow sharp points that severely interfere with normal eating. Poor dental care can lead to colic, weight loss, poor performance, as well as a host of other problems. Prevention is the key to good dental health in all horses.

A complete dental examination conducted under standing sedation should be performed every 6 – 12 months. For performance horses and horses with known dental problems, these examinations should be performed every six months. Following the examination, the veterinarian will float the teeth to remove any sharp edges and points. Bit seating, removal of wolf teeth and the correction of other dental abnormalities are also carried out during this process. Routine dental care will allow your horse to chew his food normally leading to better digestion, feed utilization and improved overall health.

Dr. Cathy Canfield is available to provide professional dental care to any of the horses in need at Winner’s Circle Ranch.


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