Feeding Program, Shavings, Grain & Osteoform

At Winner's Circle Ranch, we strive to keep the feed your horses receive as high quality and consistent as possible. Since most of our horses are from the local racetracks, we use the same feed company as many of the trainers. The drastic change in the level of activity of these horses, often combined with the stresses of surgery, certainly predisposes them to intestinal problems (colic or colitis). To decrease the chances of these problems, we feed hay five times daily and supplement with a controlled amount of grain. Every horse receives Osteoform as a dietary supplementation of calcium and phosphorous to maintain strong bones during their time off. Many of the horses on the ranch also receive anti-ulcer medications such as Gastrogard or ranitidine.

If there are special feeds or supplements your horse requires, we will see to it that they are provided.


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We invite you to tour our facility in person; please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to arrange a tour for you. Also, there are several photos from our ranch on this website.

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Services at Winners Circle Ranch include:

Our Staff

Winner's Circle Ranch would not be what it is today if it weren't for our professional and dedicated staff. We are able to offer the best care and the most advanced veterinary therapeutics because of the people employed at our ranch.
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