Idexx Digital X-Ray

Digital radiography is a relatively recent development in the practice of equine veterinary medicine. Digital radiographs, or digital X-rays, capture images digitally on a computer by the use of a special plate. Using a regular X-ray generating machine, the digital imaging plate is exposed to x-rays and the images are saved directly on to the attached computer. The images may be viewed immediately and offer many advantages over conventional X-rays: the resolution of the images is superior; the radiographs can be magnified to reveal subtle problems that might not have been noted using traditional X-ray technology (film); there is no film involved and therefore no processing is necessary, this means that the exam time to capture and review each image is decreased to a matter of seconds; and owners or buyers of the horse being examined receive an immediate horse-side diagnosis.

Digital radiography has provided a means of rapidly acquiring high detail images of a consistent, improved quality. In a matter of seconds, the X-ray images appear on a computer screen for veterinary analysis and diagnosis.

Our Idexx digital X-ray system allows for a more efficient radiographic examination of your horse with increased diagnostic ability and almost instantaneous results. Once captured, the X-ray images may be archived, copied to a CD or emailed as needed.

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